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I agree fully with your

I agree fully with your counter argument... in this particular case, I also fully believe that it helps liberty. It might be biased or inconsistent, but I think any sort of action to bring down the science experiment on the American Public known as GMO's is a good thing. I think these are hugely powerful conglomerates who destroy free market principals and only growing more powerful. I think it creates a rigged, dangerous food system that drives away community based agriculture. Not only are they ruining the American food system, they are working internationally to ensure under developed countries will NEVER develop and become dependent on their seeds.

I absolutely do not support a mandate of health care, nationally or a state level. I absolutely do no defend California's tax system or redistribution system. Your wine purchases from out of state or fireworks is NOT a win for liberty. I frankly don't appreciate you implying that I support all those as if its a blanketed decision, everything or none.

I believe that each issue should be evaluated individually. Yes, it might be against "free market principals" to ban GMO in this county, but the entire market is already operating against 'free market principals.' I think, in some cases, one must fight fire with fire.... just as our founding fathers used physical military force against Great Britain. In my opinion, I feel the American people should be at war with Monsanto and everyone connected in the corporate subsidized food system.

I'm entitled to have this opinion and I feel anything to bring down the Monopoly that consumes over 80% of our entire food system of GMOs is beneficial... so please over generalize my statements and act as if I support ALL state measures because I happent to disagree with you on this one issue.

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...