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Next to Impossible for

...someone "of virtue" to be elected or, if by a fluke they are, they won't be re-elected? ( Never mind how difficult it is to not lose one's virginity in Washington.)

So that kicks it back to "we" and it would seem that we en mass may have little more virtue than the politicians. Guess that is a case for the transitional decision makers Octobox alluded to on another thread. A counsel of elders to serve in the interim until "we" was capable of self-rule.

It may well be that there is no value in being Ron Paul-like in today's Political Theater; however, there is always value in being Ron Paul-like as far as integrity.

The scary thing is that the very successful in most fields have fallen into corruptness not so unlike tht of the politicians. Would it be difficult to even find such an interim counsel?