Comment: here is intel from my friends

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here is intel from my friends

names removed to protect the ones involved

people in the camps are comparing the situation to auschwitz
[21:49] j how ....................nice

military control and civilians dont mix real well

r i talked to one guy on the radio...he said the guards are not letting people get in touch with the outside to tell about the conditions...he had an FT-817 HF rig and antenna in his bag when they bvrought him in
[21:50] j frequin hogans heros

and i aint laughin!

r they are crammed into open-ended canvas tents, like used in the war between the states, in the middle of a winter storm...they are each given 1 cot, 1 foam pillow, 1 sheet, and 1 blanket
[21:51] they were all given ID badges to use and there are armed guards admittance to anywhere without the badge

j so are they the Citizens or are they prisoners?

free to leave the camp?
[21:52] r his group were holed up in a school and were doing fine, but then the feds came in to "help" them...took 4 hours on a bus driving back roads in the storm to get to the camp

apparently, they are not free to leave the camps

"for their own safety"

they were pissed when they found out he had a radio

j life is a bitch
[21:53] r cell phones were confiscated upon "tagging"

j for their safety......................sounds like BS to me

r it is

he said that any supplies they had carried in were confiscated

j where is the Kampo ?

r it's in NJ
[21:54] j DIX ?

r apparently, there are dozens of them and there are some articles about them is at a racetrack

d_ how long till they off em all time to take a shower komrade

r he said it took 3 days to get lukewarm water in the showers

people are starting to lose it
[21:55] j ronny, i was not in the military but is it this AFU and disorganized in the Military senairo?

r, no heat in the tents at all and hardly any food or water...the guards and workers seem to be eating well, though


not at all

j,of course
[21:56] Then they must be intentionally PUSHING them

r soldiers generally get food and water, latrines, showers, even if we have to do it ourselves...unless command does not want you to succeed

he said there is no medical care in his camp

j,now that dont sound right at all................not at all
[21:57] r, nope

from what the articles say and what i've gathered via the radio, the gov is coming to shelters and rounding people up "for their protection"

shipping them to camps

at gunpoint
[21:58] j, at gun point?

r,so, there you have it

j, as in..................i gonna murder you if i cant save you?

r,the gov workers are accompanied by armed feds and police

i guess no one has pushed the issue

or we have not heard about it

j,matter of time , that is all
[21:59] r,probably

cops are going door to door in some areas confiscating anything that people are "hoarding"

j,ty very much for the update................these are very important

like tuna salad?

r,also, telling people they do not need a warrant in an emergency

d,at gun point takeing them from warm safe place and put in prison camps mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm think thats all ya need to put a stop to something
[22:00] r i would think so

j,i must have missed that Ammendment to the Konstitutuion

d,im with pb to bad its so flippen far away

r,bet those people think twice about going to the camps in the future...if there is a next time for them

d_,at leas in mindrot they werent taken from good places at gun point

r, you'd be one gets in or out by all accounts

and i have independent verification about what pb was saying: non-union workers are being turned away in droves

_ going to get them means going to get them there isnt no being stopped bs

it is time

i can understand that r

this reads like a practice run by the feds to work out the bugs for a later date
_ deacon

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence