Comment: speaking of Constantine....

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speaking of Constantine....

...he was NEVER a true born again believer; he retained his headship over the mystery Babylonian religion of Samarimus and Tammuz until his dying day...(see video)

What Nimrod's wife started back in Genesis chapter 10 eventually made it to Israel via Ahab through Jezebel; and they apostasized themselves therough it, and were judged for it(read Jeremiah 44:15-30 sometime )... and that mother/child cult religion still fourishing to this day is where the Republican Primary choice for President of the Southern Baptists of South Carolina went upon his conversion FROM being a "Georgia Baptist" ... Newt Gingrich!

Understand American Christian APOSTASY; understand Christ's church has likeise gone the way of Israel in whoring herself after other gods for the LOVE OF MONEY, out of arrogance, and convenience, and creature comforts, for unholy alliances, and ultimately because they have an "in Adam" HATRED for the Word of God that pierces men's hearts with TRUTH about their behaviors and attitudes!

Ron Paul KNOWS; America needs a Biblical REVIVAL...and Christian Statesmen need to be put in public office NOT so they can shove the 10 commandments down our throats, or war against Islam - btu because they can be TRUSTED since they know whatever it is they do is secret is seen OPENLY by the Creator - so they dare NOT bring about or hoist harm upon the people of this once great nation!!!

Professing American Christians need some good Paul Washer sermons!