Comment: The whole heart of man is a

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The whole heart of man is a

The whole heart of man is a single outcry. It is your duty every moment, day and night, amid all daily necessities, to listen. How may we all be mobilized together to free him? For if we free him, we free ourselves. Amidst our deepest despair, I do not despair for Liberty cannot be contained.

This is not the end, but the signal for the march to begin. If you do not wish to march, do not set out.

Of the two paths, Ron Paul chose to march on the ascending path of Liberty. I choose to march with him for a great weight gnaws at my gut.

I raise my right hand to defend America-yet again. My swords are rusty. My aim is bad. My foot is forward. And then another. Beware of those who have nothing left to lose, for with fearless and comes ferocity. Lessons learned while face down in a rice paddy are not forgotten. I have seen the darkest sides of tyranny and wars. They are worse than you could imagine.

I listen to his struggle, I shudder when I hear the truth, for few of note have ever spoken it in my lifetime and I am an old man. I should have done more. I will do more. I do not fear my fate. But, I fear for yours.