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Comment: Could be a possibility...

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Could be a possibility...

A candlelight vigil was held Sunday night at the school where Jennifer Longworth teaches. Her husband's employer, consumer electronics company Indy Audio Labs, issued a statement Monday saying it was "saddened by the loss."

Maybe the husband was working on some nifty electronic gizmo that would perhaps tip the battle for freedom in favor of the people?

From Indy's website:
Phone: (866) 559-5113

Video Purity:

This same philosophy applies to our video delivery technologies. HD video places unprecedented demands on video circuitry that so-called “high-end companies” often are simply not capable of meeting with their own designs. Our engineering team has had years of experience in developing HD video products and deliver the benefits to you so that you can appreciate all the nuances and colors in your Blu-Ray, internet, gaming, or broadcast HD video sources. We partner with industry-leaders in video processor design and video software.

Digital Mastery:

It takes great care to successfully integrate bleeding-edge digital technologies into the highest-performance AV equipment. Some of our competitors avoid this task altogether, insisting that digital and analog circuits must be separated as if digital were “a fad” that high-end products should avoid. For us, digital technologies are the way modern media originates. To preserve the bitstream as accurately as possible throughout the signal chain allows us the unprecedented opportunity of effectively transporting the listener back to the original analog performance with nearly imperceptible degradation. In addition to our in-house talent in digital signal processing, we work closely with some of the best technology partners in the industry to deliver surround decoding, signal routing, video connectivity and control that is best-in-it’s-class.

It's possible the husband perhaps found something out and was considering going public. This is all big brother type stuff he was working on.

My spider-sense is tingling again...