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Oh boy, I'm going to have a

Oh boy, I'm going to have a field day with this comment! Just give me some time because I have a few busy days coming up. Just for a taste, though, compare your somewhat informed, though misguided, argument to the legions of those who oppose evolution. I'd be surprised if even 10% of them knew anything about transcription, translation, DNA, RNA, or ANYTHING! In the mean time, can you at least admit that the lion's share of those who disbelieve the theory of evolution have zero understanding of the processes involved or the overarching idea behind it?

And you're wrong about 20 having to work perfectly in the same time and space. This is the same faulty argument used for the bacterial flagellum motor.

I admit that a very small percentage of those who do not accept the evolution as a fact are intelligent, but MOST haven't the slightest idea of the arguments involved. Usually their very stupid social circle (church) opposes it, and that's enough for them. For more information about how that social process works, please see DNC and GOP voters.

Incidentally, despite the music moniker, you are talking to an educated scientist who was also raised in the church and can identify with that lot, as well.