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You are a complete idiot.

You wrote: "You played in your life and do not have a family, and now are alone and realizing the future is bleak."

I don't have a family? Tell that to my 35 year old son who is ALSO very successful in real estate. We own two companies together.

I would tell you to tell that to my other son too, but he is dead from a car accident at age 20. Are you happy?

I happen to also be divorced after 21 years of marriage, you brain-dead moron - but don't let facts sway you from jumping to conclusions.

You obviously are not bright enough to argue with. I have to write in an internet forum how much I make, and how much I pay in taxes, just because YOU are dumb enough to do it? Are you expecting me to bash my head into a WALL if you are dumb enought to do it too?

Somebody actually pays you $165,000? WHY?

You complain because you have to pay $65,000 and only get to keep $100,000. You don't want to pay $75,000 and only keep $90,000. What you don't understand is that if the dollar collapses your $100,000 or $90,000 wil be worthless. Not "worth less", but "worthless" meaning NO VALUE AT ALL. Do you GET IT!

And, excuse me, but I have been going to Europe twice a year for about ten years. If I needed to work three jobs to pay $50,000 in taxes - how would I ever find time to go to Europe three times THIS year? Do you think hotels and airfare are free? Try and connect the dots here fella. You obviously can't.

And I am NOT advocating violence - I am PREDICTING it WHEN (not if) the dollar collapses due to short sighted fools like you. Food will be gone from the stores and people will fight like dogs for what is left - JUST like it happened in the USSR during the collapse of 1991 - but much, much, bigger.