Comment: Deism requires that you define your terms. define "God"

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Deism requires that you define your terms. define "God"

for example. what does that word mean exactly? what if there is a god and he, she or it is not interested in me and my petty affairs?
heck, unless I distinguish myself somehow, why should they? or he...or whatever.
just comprehending our existance is enough for me. pretty cool that there just happen to be animals of the right size for riding...huh?

another good reason to call yourself one is that it forces people to think. most have never even heard of the concept or blow it off.
you are right my friend, people are just too darn defensive about this entire subject.
Hubble found a flaw in Einstiens theory, the man himself agreed and "fixed" it. this is still the basis for todays best science.

if nobody else does, I will thank you for sharing your knowledge on this public forum. both of our roads lead to Liberty.