Comment: 3rd Party is a waste of time, unless 2% of vote turns you on

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3rd Party is a waste of time, unless 2% of vote turns you on

Regardless of the prevailing wisdom around here, most people don't want to flush their vote down a toilet. 99% would rather vote against someone than be completely irrelevant. Gary Johnson's 1% doesn't exactly make the establishment's blood run cold. But a growing force within a major party does.

We need to bring new people into the Republican party and convert certain groups of conservatives.

Over the next 4 years of economic misery, there will be many disaffected independents and democrats punished by the misguided policies of the Social-Democrats. The Libertarian wing of the GOP may be the only place for them to go,

We will also see Afghanistan and Iraq falter and descend into chaos and it will become very apparent how all the money and lives were wasted. Not to mention, Obama is good for a couple of middle eastern disasters in the coming years. Some of the Hawks will break ranks and join us, finally realizing that every war since Korea has amounted to nothing but carnage and looted treasure.

All we need to do is cobble together 25% of the GOP vote and we effectively control the party. We are already half way there.

The social conservatives and religious right will fight us. We must convince as many of them as we can that not advocating government interference in peoples lives does not equate to endorsing behaviors we do not care for. We must sell then on being true to minimalist government in all realms, so as not to seem hypocritical when combating "Big Government" on the economic front. We must also remind them that the powers of the federal government are limited and enumerated in the constitution and that any "worthy cause" that requires using government as a sledgehammer against others is contrary to our founding principles.

Finally, the untapped goldmine is ant-corporatism. We must rail against facist-corporatism at every turn. We must expose the cosy, money relationships between the political and business class over and over again.