Comment: I'm not assuming that...

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I'm not assuming that...

and I'm confused...are you talking about life experience or education related experience?

If you mean life experiences, while I agree to a degree, (I loved college for that very reason), I just don't think it's necessary still. One could acquire the same life experiences by moving to a college town or just out of the house you grew up in and getting a job and surviving on your own, making friends, having fun, etc. Do you really need to become 20,000+ in debt to gain that experience? So you/we/I paid out the whazoo to do what most other people can without the debt and while making money? Yes college can be good in that regard, but it's really not worth it. You can do the same thing other ways and without the debt. I think to assume you couldn't get those experiences without college is selling the world short.

For me, I could have gotten the same experiences from my time in the Marines, it was not much different than college in the life experience regard. I also worked a lot through college (Marines + 2 jobs + school). At this point, as much as I hold both close to my heart, I could have done without the college or the Marines. I could have had just as much fun working the jobs, meeting other young people, getting involved in other activities, living on my own, and having fun away from home and gaining valuable experience to help me in real world/future.

Anyway...all that being said. College isn't for everyone and some of the world's most successful people never went, dropped out, or even dropped out of high school. However, I do not think no one should go to college. If you're willing to take the money out at this point in time, go for it. Though, I think a lot of people are duped by this government system into believing it's completely necessary and just end up being duped with a lot of debt with either a low paying job or no job. I feel sorry for them. It's sad.