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On water filtration

I've been looking into the most non-dependent ways to filter raw water. I don't want to be dependent on a company to replace filters or electric distillers etc.
I'm looking into ceramic filters (homemade if necessary, like this one from potters for peace: with a lower tier of activated alumina.
I had a black berkey system with pf-2's and exhausted my pf-2s, instead of throwing them away and buying more I took a saw to them and removed the AA. I am looking into regenerating it as in this examples:

Or you could just go with a simple distillation method using a round stainless mixing bowl on top of a bundt cake pan, which is on top of a boiling pot of raw water, like this:!
or this, for solar power, yet less purification:
or for a more elaborate system:

food for thought...