Comment: You have to understand about Pat...

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You have to understand about Pat...

... He is wondering if the GOP is headed his way! He has been dwelling in the bone yard for decades already.

As evidenced by his statement: "...the Republican Party has at last awakened to its existential crisis."

Complete disinformation! Awakened? They are licking their chops to take a bit out of the same mess of pottage!

How typical of a neocon to try and out-con good constitutionalists such as the grassroots. The only people he is conning are the nearly brain-dead majority of the GOP, not to mention the DNC, who sent nearly everyone of their 'con-men incumbents' back to their mud hole in D.C.

It isn't the race for the presidency which demonstrated a slight mistake in judgement... it is the return of the incumbent D.C. crowd of corrupt globalist oath-breakers which so eloquently demonstrates the GOP blind-men and zombie DNA!

Enough of Pat already. When he shouts 'Ron Paul 2016' and shows up at his 2016 caucus to vote freedom, then I might give him a minute!

Ron Paul 2016... Get use to it Pat! It's coming to a caucus near you!