Comment: The 50 States became a limited, Constitutional Republic,

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The 50 States became a limited, Constitutional Republic,

but retained their sovereignty, too. Nothing, legally, can be done by the federal government to force any of the 50 States to continue to participate as a member of the USA. Not one article of the Constitution mandates a State's indefinite inclusion, and the States needn't ask permission of anyone, including the U.N., to exercise complete independence. However, the States did, Constitutionally, accede to not establish pacts with other States or to become more than one State without the consent of each State's legislature and the approval of Congress. So, if secession is to become fully, and peacefully realized, then it would seem the citizens of a State must reconcile the matter through the State legislative process and declare complete independence from the USA which would then nullify the necessity to seek approval from Congress.

Continued elaboration on the point of secession is, obviously, keenly appreciated.