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I'm not sure when the term

I'm not sure when the term "protectionist" became a dirty word. It used to be obvious that we wanted to "protect" American jobs. I think Sean Hanity was the first person my dad and I heard use it as a derogatory term; it's strange to hear liberty minded individuals agree with Hanity but, whatever, anyway.
The first bill that George Washington signed into law was the The tariff act of 1789 (I think that's what it was called) and it's purpose was to protect American jobs from foreign countries that paid far cheaper wages and undermine the American Companies. Yes, we get cheaper products when they are made in China or Vietnam or wherever but, as my dad used to say, "what good is a cheap VCR if you don't have a job". I love Pat. It was the way the GOP treated him in '96 that woke me up to sham of the neo-con movement. If Pat is a neo-con, why didn't the party support him in '96? But instead the party as a whole turned on him like a poison snake; led by the likes of John McCain, Bill Kristol and Jack Kemp. I think Buchanan is one of us and I'd vote for him again if I got the chance.

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