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I'm 23 years old and have no intention of going to college at the moment. My family, especially the elders, keep telling me that I should get a degree, blah blah. I try to explain these things to them and the only response I get is disappointment. I see no point in getting myself in a debt-ridden hole and go to some indoctrination camp, when I can just open up a good non-fiction book and teach myself. I've learned so much by just educating myself than I ever did in K-12. Shoot, I even had to UNLEARN the propaganda force-fed to me as a student.

Nope, no degree here. I'm debt-free and college-free, and I bet I'm still smarter than the majority of my peers (except maybe my fellow rEVOLutionaries) who slave themselves over term papers and final exams...

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