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"I feel like I am shooting in the dark."

The point here is to direct our discussion efforts toward the production of a product that can then be a THING to possess, a book, but this THING intends to be a MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE, a currently active message flowing from individual to individual, a BOOK.

We find that our perspectives are so divided, naturally, there is nothing unusual about independent sovereign beings having different perspectives, but we can't both write the same book, so the idea then expands into a contest where you write a book, and I write a book, and that begins a process reaching the initial goal despite our perspectives being divided. Your version of a book may be better to me than my version, so I may help you write your book, when we compare each step of the way, which may become more clear next Tuesday.

This is along the lines of The Liberty Day Challenge, so why can't that be ONE of our common interests in the inspiration for each of our books?

People, for whatever reason, find a common goal, and the common goal can still have two finish lines, each on their own path, both reaching different places, doing different things, but both are setting the same principled goal, to be reached, at a specific time.

A miniature version of The Liberty Day Challenge.

That could be the title of both of our books, which is as you say a shot in the dark at this point, since the actual path taken between now and Tuesday may uncover for you a different Introduction leading to a different title, for any reason, as your Book idea may become a cook book instead, and I trade an equitable workload concerning the process of editing, as I enlist your help in editing my Introduction to my book, and neither of us resort to deceit, threats, or violence as a means of gaining from one another.

Again, a miniature example of reaching Liberty, as a goal, by a certain date - next Tuesday - one step to Liberty is taken, demonstrated, and reached.

In fact we are both inventing an honest currency, a book, to be offered to anyone, voluntarily, for mutual benefit, by any calculation, if the books move, then they are forms of currency.

Common Sense by Thomas Paine did not fall out of the sky from God, or was not written by The Devil and then handed to Tommy as he walked the Earth in 1776, and that book could have been a dud, not gaining currency, not worth anything to anyone, but it did amount to someTHING after is was written, published, and then offered.

I have a stack of books, not a Library, but a stack, more than 10 books, probably not much more than 100 books, I don't count them, and these text based mediums of exchange had to be written before I could read them, and without these books I would be relatively ignorant, and so, it seems to me, it is measurably worth the effort to employ these THINGS called books.

If one reader reads your book, if you follow along with the idea, then that is an example of currency, a matter of fact.

I will be reading your book, I read every word you write, so far as I have been able, I'm sure I've missed some text, but not a choice to abandon it, just a consequence of capacity.

A BOOK condenses the material being read into a more coherent whole THING.

One THING instead of many seemingly random shots in the dark?

"Do you have a thesis statement?"

Not likely, since that is the first time I've recognized the term "thesis statement" in any context, if at all.

What is a thesis statement?

I can look it up.

"Or can you give me the subject. You have 2 titles floating around. Do both titles cover the same subject? You have a book started on Power Independence with an Intro already. Is that what the book is about?"

If you have read any of my writing you can easily see that there are things that I wrote over and over and over again. Those things that I write over and over and over again are significant to the concept of the BOOK idea - a thesis?

Power, so the story goes, is required for life, without power there is no life, so the creator creates power, having the power himself, if the creator is a he, and I, a mere error prone human am unable, I do not have the power, to know one way or the other, so far, but that power is not abundant for this species called human, not just falling as if on a silver platter to be scooped up with a silver spoon, with both platter and spoon also falling in our human laps. No, we humans have to, must, as a necessity of life, employ the scarce power in the work required to make power abundant, for failing to do so ends human life, for lack of power.

Same theme.

That is what I do.

Notice how my contact with you helps me connect, in some small way, to spiritual POWERS that are not, or have not been, my special work load, as I have so far walked the Earth.

That is where you seem to fit in well enough to reach this point on the threshold of a meager book or two.

We have already written enough text to have a ready supply, and abundant supply, of text that can easily be arranges into a TEST book of some measure, not perfect, not even close, something thrown together to begin developing skills that may be useful.

A Pamphlet?