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Comment: I salute you Dr Paul!

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I salute you Dr Paul!

Dr Ron Paul you are an American Hero , Patriot , Philosopher, and I salute you from the other side of the world in Australia!

You are truly an inspiration in showing what this world could achieve, if only if it would be let free!

We must end the central banking system, and we must continue to educate people on what is truly happening, we must explain to people, that the world they think they are living in, does not exist . . . That takes time for people to comprehend, so keep on starting those brushfires in the minds of men.

And I am sure this will not be the last you hear of the Good Doctor!

The U.S of A has just lost one of the most honest, admirable, intelligent and most brave Congressman, or Statesman for that matter, to have ever held office.