Comment: Contradicions

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Do no harm is the moral goal, I get that, and a lot of people get it too, but things become very complicated BECAUSE people do harm on purpose including the harm caused by deception.

Trial by Jury, based upon sortition, and Common Law, experience earned the hard way, works to Do No Harm, but it is not perfect, and the scope of such a method of doing no harm, again not perfect, is a LOCAL, or MICRO, or small scale, example of what people do, when people organize, in a commons sense, common law, method of applying a do no harm RULE to their lives as time goes by.

What about massive armies of people who are either willfully criminal or who are duped into being willfully criminal?

Confederation works.

People confederate with people, families confederate with families, cities confederate with cities, and States (legal fictions) are made into being as organized efforts by which, if needed, a defensive force can, BY DESIGN, deter any attacks by any potential Aggressive Army of War for Profit of any kind.

If a State defensive army deterrence organization, standing or in a militia STATE, is not BIG ENOUGH, or POWERFUL ENOUGH, to deter a very large organized criminal Army of Aggression for Profit, then Confederated States can Confederate into a larger Defensive Force in Defense of Liberty, such as, for example, the time between 1776 and 1788 in America, under The Articles of Confederation, including Trial by Jury based upon sortition, and including Common Law, and including legal monetary competition, and including the Sovereign POWER of one State to join, invest into, or un-join, and no longer "provide the means by which we suffer" if the Federal part of the Confederation were to ever turn to Crime made Legal.

So...why so much contradiction when precedents have already been set?

Why does anyone have to re-invent the wheels that were already working as round as needed?