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LIberty Day WORK

Book Introduction TEST ONE

"Hi I'm Joe and I've nearly died so many times it would take a library of books to describe each one, but that is just a fact, and that fact works on me in such a way as to force me to write this book. There are only so many moments in each life time to accomplish all the things that we are driven to work on, one thing at a time, and then it is over, end of that story. While I walk the Earth I learn from other people and now it is my turn to pass on those examples of learning unique to me, to add to the list of things to do, in case my experiences help.

I am not dead yet, so pull up a chair and take a bumpy ride through the life of another, a guy named Joe, who learned a few things about living on Earth. The experience of reading this book intends to arm the reader with a more accurate perception of all those confusing things that will be bumps in your road, and where you will find moments of extreme pressure, not knowing the right thing to do, to save yourself, or even worse, to save someone you love, and at that dire moment you may, if my goal is reached, choose the right direction despite all the powers of deception that intend to make you fail to do the right thing.

My experiences have been extremely beneficial because I have had the fortune to know about the experiences of other people, where their experiences were passed onto me, and this is the nature of this book, the nature of this goal, and if the goal is reached, at a specific time, in a specific place, the reader will know better, without confusion.

The idea, being passed onto you, is an understanding of the nature of power, what power is, what power does, the benefits, and the costs, and this is so elementary, so simple, once understood, that the reader may look back after reading the book, and then reflect upon the condition of powerlessness, in the past tense, and think ahead to a very powerful future.


I deleted every registered user on my Forum, so please check out the house and see if the exterminator has removes all the unwelcome bugs (bots), if you please, and here is a link to a back-up copy of my first Introduction TEST page.

That link works for me, it may not work for you, no big deal, the edit work requested is merely a critical view of the Introduction page.

A pamphlet sized Introduction may be that size. A book sized introduction could eventually be expanded to cover more context? Baby steps?

Back to here:

I have not updated that FIRST PAGE or FRONT PAGE in awhile. I can figure out how to add a link to purchase a few pamphlets.

Note how this site advertizes, imagine the income stream. What is it?

What choices are made by this Forum operator as to which Equitable Commerce deals he is willing to make, with who, and for what?

My wife's sister is married to someone who runs a web page and he makes a good income from it, covering his costs, and having extra income to pay those "providing the means by which we suffer" taxes, and enough extra after that to save, or to expand the scope of his web page.

Ideas along the lines of The Liberty Day Challenge?

Is it possible to take back Liberty by July 4th 2013?

Not without trying something.