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Vote for the Golden Rule bumping for awareness. Any article on what is really happening in the Middle East is important and is directly related to a move toward liberty and understanding the word "liberty."

This goes beyond "foreign policy" ... it has to do with ethics and placing value on human life...all human lives. Anyone who does not see this must believe that "order" will come out of chaos created and manipulated. That kind of "order" is not something any of us wants.

The "same" tactics used "over there" WILL be used "over here" and in fact the media fixation and lies proves that to be so. Propaganda is instilling fear here toward an entire group of law abiding citizens (people of Middle Eastern descent) by focusing on a lone "terrorist" here and there (often paid.)

If for no other reason, we should look at demographics and learn to live together while fighting the propaganda machine. It is very easy to project how a lone or small group of radicals who hang a "liberty" label around their necks could be used to depict the entire body of those of us who are fighting for true liberty for all people.