Comment: We Will Miss You!

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We Will Miss You!

Wow, this was a big speech. The time and effort you put into writing this speech did not got unnoticed by me. You will be sorely missed Dr Paul. Enjoy your family, enjoy your retirement, the effort you've done in changing people's hearts and minds is astounding. While your disappointment in the lack of freedom lovers is evident, take heart in the fire you've lit in so many in '08, and the leaps and bounds in '12. It won't be long before the people you've touched have touched others, and we will truly become a more free society, a hopefully more moral society, and a society that contains people that believe in themselves, and believe in the honesty of putting in a good day's work and the esteem they get from accomplishing something. We must reach out to others with the same compassion and honesty that Ron has used to reach out to others. We must not be demeaning, or talk down to others for they will shut down and not hear this important message. We must listen to them, answer them, and skillfully lead them into seeing things from the angle of liberty, for once the seed takes, it grows into a mighty oak that can drop seeds on others.