Comment: I wish every American would

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I wish every American would

hear or read this great mans speech. I swear I learn so much from him. This man is so much smarter and wiser than 99% of any leader or official in our country. He is a gift to the people who really listen to what he has to say. He gets it! I always learn something knew from him.

I didn't realize from just how deep so many of our problems stem. When he said "it’s all part of a process justified by a philosophy of forced redistribution of wealth" it clicked! This is EXACTLY why we have so many people who believe that government is the answer. It's so convenient for them. This is demoralizing our society and it's doing it without people seeing it. It's creating a socialistic mindset, and it's very dangerous because people are being tricked into believing it is RIGHT. I did not see how socialism - forced distribution of wealth was tied into violence until now. It all stems from the programmed thought process of "only taking what is rightfully theirs", and whether that happens by government or by them having to use violence, it's justified to them by this mindset. Now I can use this understanding to relate better to people in order to wake them up.

God bless Ron Paul.