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I like and appreciate

all of what TMOT does in trying to inform people. The problem in trying to vote out those in government who are against freedom is the fact there is so much fraud in the system. It was made very clear during this last primary and election cycle, we can't trust the results. Too often those in power will do anything to make sure they get the results they want.

As far as being identified or on a list, we are already identified just by the fact we are online talking and reading about liberty, as being part of the liberty movement. Just as those who buy guns now have to be licensed, are identified. Maybe it's my age but after growing up in the 1950s where freedom was encouraged and a big part of what we were taught in school, where we are headed now isn't something I could ever imagine wanting to be part of. I have no desire to merely exist, to me this is not living and I really have no interest in existing in a country where we are 'living' under authoritarianism. Yes, I want it to be a peaceful revolution but if I am willing to shrink away via fear, from signing a petition stating my grievances against the federal government I am already admitting defeat, they've won.

How long do we wait to decide where that line in the sand is because we are too afraid we could be put on a list?