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...if you don't care for the weather on the DP one day...give it another day. The weather might be totally different. All storms pass.

Sometimes when we post an article it is commented on by a handful of people. That handful never represents the attitudes of everyone. Further when a comment is on top and totally disrupts a post, it is always a flag to those of us who see merit in the post to comment yet again so the negative comment moves down and allows for more discussion.

I am so glad you re-posted and am glad I had a small part in your doing so! I am also grateful to the gentleman who wrote the article and his friend who also posted on this thread. Further, I am grateful for Muslims4RonPaul and those of the Islam faith who care so much about liberty that they risk bigotry and ignorance being directed toward them while their very presence on this blog sets an example for all of us in practicing the Golden Rule which is also very much represented in their texts.

I would also warn against believing articles and so-called exposes pulling isolated texts out of religious tomes (out of context) and not realizing that they often are depicting a historical time and stance rather than the overall tenets of the faith. Old Testament is certainly a great example and there are others.