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'bout time ...

Well, taking over the Republican Party from the ground up has been the plan all along. I'm a bit of a late comer to it as well; only started hearing about it in 2007 or so. If you were paying attention to the Ron Paul primary campaign, you would have noticed that there was a lot of that going on, including taking over at the local and state level. I'm sure somewhere, there's some straightforward information about how successful that was. Obviously not successful enough to win the election, but there was some progress.

It's not the first time serious conservatives have battled for the Party either. It's really an ongoing thing. Now, it's important to drive out the Reagan RINOs; an absolute necessity to secure liberty and bring manufacturing and other outsourced jobs back to the USA.

But let's be realistic. It's not a one-way battle. The Reagan coalition will continue to fight back and it's being run by people who don't play by the rules. That's another thing you should have learned from Ron Paul's campaign. They're not going to give up power peacefully. If they're losing, they'll just cheat.

Now, I've said it's a necessity to reform the GOP. Maybe it's not. I'm just saying that I'm for it anyway. But I'd rather that everyone at least get on the side of a solution that will work and will work for a long time. We need a multi-party system. The takeover of the Republican Party wouldn't be such a problem now if we had one. We wouldn't be stuck in the lesser of two evils con game. The Republican Party as it is today wouldn't get enough support to have any power and they'd have to improve in order to get back in the game. If the Libertarians had a better offer, they wouldn't be stopped by the "third parties waste your votes" issue.

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