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Take all the time you want ... I'll check back occasionally

It doesn't take a scientist to come to the conclusion that the theory of evolution is fake, although there are plenty of scientists who have done so. The scientist who literally WROTE THE (TEXT)BOOK on chemical evolution back in the 60s and 70s (can't remember his name off the top of my head) finally came to the conclusion that his theory didn't hold water ... that chemical evolution was absolutely impossible! Today he's a proponent of intelligent design. He's only one of many ... Behe being another.

Actually, you can trash the theory of evolution from history ... the frauds: Piltdown Man, Peking Man (brought to us by that wonderful, caring, philanthropic family, the Rockefeller's), Java Man, etc., certainly shine a spotlight on how crooked some scientists can be when their only real goal is to be rich and famous ... truth and beauty be damned.

Geologically speaking, French geologists Guy Berthault and Pierre Julien have absolutely demolished the fictitious "old earth" baloney with their very enlightening experiments on stratification and sedimentology. You really should check them out because no old earth equals no evolution. PERIOD! This one is a very clean kill ... a lethal blow.

I could go on but why bother. You have plenty to keep you busy for quite a while. I'll save the rest for later.

Finally, some Christians may be simple and may take on faith what others have been driven to prove for themselves ... that the theory of evolution is a lie from hell. Good for them. Perhaps, by accepting the Word of God on faith, each has given Him more glory than I have with all of my research. Bless their pure and simple hearts.

The hypocrisy has always amazed me ... those who blather on and on about men-from-monkeys evolution are usually the first to grovel before anyone with a title of royalty. I've seen these types trip over each other for the opportunity to be recognized by someone with title. PATHETIC!!! Do you know why they grovel? It's because they are followers, just like the DNC-GOP voters.

I like to examine the evidence from different points, think for myself and come to reasonable conclusions. Have a good time taking me on. I plan to enjoy it too!