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You need to learn to let go sometimes

and live at peace. You need to understand what I said about apathy. Believe me I know how it is. I live with someone who couldn't care less about politics because she doesn't see how it affects her. She is very happy she makes a good salary in the healthcare proffession and she blames other people for not going to school or studying something useful for their problems of not having enough money. She's a hard mind to change, but I found her weakness and thats how much she gets taxed. Its still a long and arduous process but slowly but surely I chip away and very very very very slowly. I might only talk politics once a month even though I live with her everyday.

You can't let this consume you life if you want to keep people around. You can bring stuff up on occasion but don't let it define you unless you are doing more than just trying to convince people. If you want this movement to be your life then consider running office or getting involved locally so at least that way when you talk its not just you preaching but it will be about your actual life and what you know. This way people will be more likely to listen.

I pick my people all the time. If I can get to them I continue if I can't I move on. Learn to move on and if you want a friendship with this person focus on other areas that both of you can share and enjoy obviously discussions of politics between the two of you only brings one person out and that is you. You need to talk about and do things that brings out what she loves and what she has a passion for.

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