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To whom it may concern

Idea time (just for fun?)

2 ideas

Gravity Train

Gravity Generator

Large holes can be bored out of Earth. If done in a straight like from New York City to Philadelphia there is in that investment cost-less transportation.

The Science is very interesting, but the idea goes further, as a long term investment, the actual straight line of this hole bore through Earth displaces a lot of material, and the material can be used, not squandered.

Note: I listened to Alex Jones and some guy talking about a 3rd Term for Obama and a reference to a new Oil Boom in America where "we" supposedly have a lot of wealth in Shale Oil, but the word "we" is false, since "we" won't be realizing any wealth, since the current Monopoly Money Power moves all Wealth to it.


I was thinking about that Gravity train, with the tapping of any oil, or natural gas, water, iron, gold, silver, platinum, along the way from New York to Philadelphia, or from Dallas to Los Angeles, and when the excavation project is done, and the capture and pumping out of natural resources are done, along the way, then the Gravity Train is built along that route, and Gravity is used for power.

This happens a lot, when someone like me thinks about how POWER works, and people are told about it, and they scoff.

They ridicule.

They have small minds, it seems, flat earth people.


Gravity can also be used as a source of power, creatively, and here is one idea, not a long term idea, because it could end up with a flat earth, but the idea is to prove a point, a point that may be missed by a lot of skeptics who scoff at POWER investments, whereby a little power is used to make more power.

The scoffing is usually along the lines of "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed" and "You are a nutcase, probably a conspiracy theorist too, since everyone knows that perpetual motion machines can't work, and by the way War is good for the Economy, so shut up, before I shoot the messenger more", etc.

So a hole is dug down, straight down into the earth, sure it takes a lot of power to do so, I've heard that atomic weapons are already doing so, but suppose instead a place is found with a hole going straight down, small scale at first, just to see how much power can be generated at the end of the experiment.

A conveyor at the top of the hole loads up dirt in a bucket and that bucket falls down the hole to be dumped while other buckets are on the same conveyor. Since gravity accelerates mass at 9.8 (or so) meters per second per second and I didn't stutter, then the conveyor would have to be arrested somehow to keep it from going to fast as more mass would be on the down side with loaded buckets compared to the empty buckets on the up side.

How much POWER is created compared to how much power is used up?

Sand might work best, a big funnel on top of the conveyor, so the hole has to be bore down under the sand pile like a hour glass.

1 plus 1 equals more POWER.

Gravity train between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, under the desert, at some point the hole is bore straight down, to make room for a lot of sand, a hole is bore straight up, the conveyor is built, dig up until reaching sand, then start making a big funnel shaped hole in the desert.

Well, Joe, you are so stupid, the desert isn't only sand so it can't work.

No it can't, because I am so stupid.

I get that a lot.

But someone says "we" have a lot of wealth in "our" oil here in America.

I'm stupid.