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I won't get into a game of absolutism -- If you do not

understand what I'm saying then ask -- but don't create a false argument.

I'm not "confusing" anything -- you are being too literal for casual conversation. If I was in front of a debate committee and competing for a trophy then I would adhere to the prescribed lexicon.

I never said I had authority to control a subject being viewed, people can and do do whatever they want. That's Anarchy. Then the state comes in behind and "corrects" prices (or terms jail sentences, or steals assets, or all of the above).

State-Authority is a predatory pretender -- for the individual they can only react, after the fact. For a corporation they circumvent the consumptive-choice (thus freeing the corporation from being ruled solely by consumers) before and after the purchase.

When I said "city-authority" it might have been better (for the exact-minded types) if I said "city-level authority" -- just to make my point that it might be possible to have a very nice society if the only taxes we ever paid were local -- be a lot easier to control politics than from 3000 miles away, AND then further clarified (again for the perfectionistic) "regardless, I would rather have a true free-market (no authority)"

The latter would take an expert transition but it could be done.