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How COULD Ron Appeal to Women? asked. I am sure your intent was not to create another division and yet a new "us" (in this case men) and "them" (in this case women); however, I took it that way and found it both erroneous and very offensive.

Many of the females O'Bama attracted undoubtedly were welfare proponents and college females still in their "pollyanna" stage; however, I seriously doubt that "free" abortion and "free" contraceptives are the be-all lure attracting females.

You stated that "the Republican Party is NEVER going to win over single female voters and should concentrate on Hispanics and blacks. I suppose you mean "male" Hispanics and blacks as a fair number in those two categories are also female.

Perhaps you don't always recognize females by blog names. There are mahy females on this blog and many are single.

How Ron Paul Appeals to Females:

1. Many are intelligent and just as interested in and capable of comprehending liberty issues as males.

2. Many females see the downward spiral and care about the world they leave for their children and grandchildren.

3. Many females have religious roots and are glad that Dr. Paul does as well while noting that he does not alienate anyone of any faith thereby setting an example for all of us.

4. Many females are pro-life and recognize this as a divisive issue agreeing that perhaps interim kicking the issue back to the States is a good approach while lauding his "Sanctity of Life" bill.

5. Many females recognize the wisdom that comes from a lifetime of studying economics, social climate, monetary policy and see that wisdom in Ron Paul and the banality in most politicians.

6. Many females oppose foreign intervention and perhaps see and relate to the desires of mothers and sisters and daughters all over the world and take that into consideration when evaluating the purpose, justice and morality in our activities overseas.

7. Many females see the character and qualities in Ron Paul the man, the husband, the father, the grandfather and either recognize those qualities in what they love about their husbands, fathers and grandfathers or they wish that those qualities were resident in the males around them.

Ron Paul appeals to many females and in a better world he would appeal to all of them. I think if he read your post he would just shake his head which is yet another reason Ron Paul appeals to females. Thank goodness your statement does not reflect the mind-set of all "real conservative" males.

Cordially & Peace,
A "real" conservative female