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Comment: Either You Are Pro Israel (Zionism) or You Are Not

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Either You Are Pro Israel (Zionism) or You Are Not

To the pro-Israel poster above, many call this tragic situation the Palestinian Holocaust as well as ethnic cleansing. An estimated 7.1 million Palestinians have been displaced since 1948. As far as how many have been killed, it depends upon whether you are asking Israel or one of the many organizations that attempt to keep count. Here is one:

"Approximately 1.5 million Palestinian civilians have died since 1948,including the victims of the ethnic cleansing campaigns in the west in 1948-50 and in the east since 1967. Civilian deaths have escalated dramatically in recent years since the zionists developed their obsession with the Palestinian birth-rate,and children are often the target. There is only a small fine for killing a Palestinian in cold blood. It's based on a weapons charge,not murder. To understand the genocidal character of this vile regime,one need only glance at the responses from zionists; at least half advocate or at least imply approval of the killing of non-jews. Adocating genocide is by the way a reportable offence on Y/A. Aproximately 2000 civilian Palestinians are killed each year. If you are jewish and you shoot an 8-year-old Palestinian girl in cold blood,you will have your weapons license revoked for three months and pay a fine equivalent to 50-100 dollars U.S. It's considered by the "government'"to be more or less the same thing as shooting squirrals within city limits with a .22. would be in America. Zionists love to murder Palestinian children and they do it all the time. The military handles the mass-murders. We are not talking about suicide bombers or militants; those figures fall into another category. I am referring to wanton killing of civilians."

Of course there is a Hamas. I am sure there are some paid militants involved and some othrs who would not be considered stellar fellers. However, if this were to happen to California there would be a Hamas and we would call them Freedom Fighters, not terrorists.
In closing, MANY jews both in Israel and other countries are absolutely against the killing being done in their names.