Comment: I listened to every minute of this show..

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I listened to every minute of this show..

It was AWESOME. To those of you who hate AJ, for the life of me WHY? He had a legitimate bitch about Dr. Paul at the time..many did! But to say that AJ is not a TRUE Patriot and someone willing to take a bullet for his are DEAD WRONG. I give this guy a TON of credit, he will not back down on principle..unlike Glen there is a real winner..his best friends are the International bankers from Isreal..and he sure as hell cant say anything wrong about them...he is a puppet. AJ is not. I gave this show a double thumbs up..I listened last week when Dr. paul spoke on his show..AWESOME. Cant get this kind of truth on EL RUSHBO Radio or Sean Hannity..or Bill Oh REALLY...none of them..more puppets. Give this a is awesome.

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