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Comment: I May Have Misread Your Post

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I May Have Misread Your Post

...and am sorry. The issue of Muslims and the Middle East and our intervention and militarism is a big issue for me. I see now that you were referring to the Christian labels people hang around their necks and then either do not understand the labels or live up to them...or the labels were filled with double meanings in the first place.

I jumped to the conclusion tht you were somehow implying that Islam's God was "g" and that the "D" was for them.

Due to Sierra's post I went back and reread yours and see that you merely jumped to one of your issues (which is a good one)ie "conservative traditions (or labels) not making one a conservative Christian."

So I apologize and...Peace. I am always willing to admit it when I am in error and, in fact, am happy when it is pointed out.