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I can only suggest listening to the whole presentation.

It's almost an hour but it is only a teaser.

My wife had ordered the seven CD set without even knowing what it was about... a 'God-incidence' ...

After I saw the above teaser video she said that we had just received the seven CD's and a book from this source about two weeks ago.

I just finished listening to the seven CD's over the last two days and I am so at peace about Obama being president because my "Daddy" has allowed His discipline to come upon America to draw us back to Him as a country founded upon His Spirit of Liberty and His Immeasurable Prosperity.

I know more today than the most knowledgable statesmen and world's historians because I have been shown the big picture right down to the tiniest details of the founding of America.

I have nothing to debate or argue with anyone.

I have been given a precious, life changing truth.

And I am simply sharing it with others who have a sense that America is nearing her end.