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I can understand why others want a direct link--many don't have time to search for certain videos, comments, etc. At other times, I get annoyed when SOME people practically demand a link. Am I your Mommy? Do I have to hold your hand? You aren't aware that google will give a plethora of information when used as a search engine?

Anyway, here's a DIRECT link to a youtube video of Alex running his mouth about both Rand and RON:

And, for the record, I don't hate Jones. I just do not trust him anymore. Even after he ran his mouth about Medina, he did say to still vote for her. In my opinion, the damage had already been done! He may have said nice things about Ron and/or Rand recently,after the airing of the linked video---I would not know. I no longer listen to anything he has to say--again, the damage has already been done.

In my opinion, if Jones wants to be a 'leader' in the liberty movement, then he needs to be more responsible with his verbalizations.

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