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I'm not getting upset or anything. I'm just tired of writing the same thing repeatedly and having different words attributed.

I do this exactly for the reason you state... i.e. to gain critique and refine them so I'm certainly not trying to go off on a rant. I'm just trying to suggest a concept that is not taught in econ 101 not because it breaks those rules but because there are other factor involved than simple supply and demand.

Those basic econ principles do always apply in historical context of what we've all known to date. However, under a system that is based on abundant wealth that's equally distributed (via the free market, not marxism!), quality and other factors come into play more than just "how can I get the most stuff for the least money"?

The other concept that comes into play is a new social paradigm where money is viewed in the manner more similar to those pennies you leave in the gas station cup. You do that action based more on social good than personal good. That means only one thing in relation to interest. Less and less of it until it virtually disappears.

These are concepts that only sprout from an abundant economy. With that in mind, try re-reading what I've said and you may come away with a different slant.