Comment: Ok. grocer's fallacy combined

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Ok. grocer's fallacy combined

Ok. grocer's fallacy combined with the advertisement fallacy(our neighbors enfluence us more than the comercials we watch ;)) the desire to enslave rich people. Why would the "top .000001%" or whatever work for free? Surely you aren't suggesting that they serve no purpose. They are only rich because they satisfy our needs better than the rest. Why else would we VOLUNTARILY give them our earnings.

I have no desire to eliminate the top (insert percetage here). All economic progress starts with them, and spreads by the rest of us adopting their superior ideas.... at least until Badges-N-Guns, Inc. starts handing out favors.

Economic progress can exist in three forms: more, better, and cheaper

Economic progress is a result of the accumulation of REAL capital(more, better, cheaper stuff)

Rich people(who aren't gov't beneficiaries) are WAYYYYY better at accumulating capitol than the average person.

The accumulated capital is used to maintain and update technological equipment and methods.(superior tools and methods)

It is the superior tools and methods that we employ that makes us wealthier than the richest kings and pharoahs of the past.

None of us desire to OBTAIN more money, we desire to SPEND more money, in exchange for more, better, cheaper stuff.

I'lL say it again: THERE IS NO STOCK PILE OF GENERIC "WEALTH" WAITING TO BE PLUNDERED BY THE MASSES. One must produce more to obtain more. This is true whether the person lives in complete autarky, or if he hires his neighbor to help.

"I do not add 'within the limits of the law,' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual."