Comment: I have it too according to some

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I have it too according to some

psychiatrist. I took some meds for a while and although it does seem like the help I also noticed that I became very very disconnected from people. I was very apathetic and didn't care for anyone else's problems. Which to me was very weird I thought that's what antidepressants did not stimulants. However I kept at it thinking things would get a little bit better. The only thing that happened was that I lost a lot of weight I always had bad breath because my mouth was constantly dry.

I lost some friends because I became an irritable dick. My penis was in a state of constant shrinkage and I lost some interest in sex. My relationship with my girlfriend suffered because of my attitude change.

In the end I noticed that I would focus on things for extended periods of time but it still didn't make me responsible. That is up to you alone and no pill will change that. I would concentrate only on things that I would enjoy like reading certain books playing video games posting on the DP but work was pushed aside. Honestly the diagnosis I received and the treatment made me realize that we probably all have some sort of ADD but what we lack more than attention is responsibility and actually doing what we have to do to get things done.

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