Comment: Congress is MIA

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Congress is MIA

The most troubling aspect of this fiasco lies in the POTUS' abuse of executive power which has been ongoing for a long time. The US Congress has been complicit in this abuse and simply allows it to continue. In fact, since Eisenhower, the legislative branch increasingly rubber stamps the decisions of the executive branch. We really do have an oligarchy on its return path as an empire ruled by a single tyrant.

Regardless, I can't simply ignore the inaction of the US Congress in restraining presidential abuse of power even if they failed to pass the desired legislation. The US Congress needs to wield its power of impeachment before the legislative branch is entirely impotent to do so... This craziness of secret executive orders with no congressional oversight MUST stop. In the meantime, I'm still done with private access to the InterNet until the US Congress FINALLY takes action to restrain presidential abuse of power.