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Is the economy really that great? Is unemployment truly at 7-8% or is it higher near 15%? I know people that haven been able to work any serious job other than service jobs since I graduated in '08 and some who have no work. People with jobs truly forget and don't realize how crappy it is in the world when you're gainfully employed. I forget all the time in my job bubble and then stuff happens it I talk to people and I realize it's to no fault of thei own that they are unemployed or working a service job.

I know more people than not who don't use their degree at all, so it completely depends. You can't take you life and say your life is the representative of the whole US population who have degrees.

Lastly, you complain about libertarians who complain about college who went, but most of us fell in this govt trap and only woke up afterwards. A lot of those who woke up are completely against it in certain circumstances. I would do my best to find a school that doesn't take federal aid for myself or my kids an my kids definitely won't be going to school for a liberal arts degree under this system. I'm not putting myself or them in debt.

And one more thing...most these universities are just another tool of the state just like the public education system. They are extorted and everything else to act certain ways mainly by threatening their way of life via financial aid. I went to college and woke up...I'm thinking you might want to rethink this a little more. College for a legit skill = good, and it's even better w/o govt. we don't hate college, it's the govt intervention, the almost compulsory college degree attitude that we need it to succeed (false), it's another tax I'm the form of debt/inflation/money paid back with interest, and it's the status quo ideas being pushed on students....that's what we dislike. It would't be such a big deal if gift didnt screw it up so bad and are screwing a naive youth, which has been quite a few of us. Unless my kids want to go to school to be an engineer, doctor, therapist, or lawyer...I'm would advise them against school. The govt owes you when you're in debt. Why do you think they offer debt foriveness for employees? The sad thing is, most those professions I just listed were once obtainable without any amount of debt through apprenticeships and you got paid for it. You tell me which way would e better.