Comment: GOP Takeover is the way to victory!

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GOP Takeover is the way to victory!

I see a lot of comments that seem to feel that taking over the GOP is not going to get us anywhere. I'm here to tell you that is simply not the case. We can take over and make this our party.

I have examined the RNC structure and it can be taken over. It can be taken over in less than 10 years time if we are aggressive and can all get on the same page about this. Do you think we can elevate a minor political party to the same level as the GOP or DEMs in that same amount of time. We are running out of time and need to work the fastest route possible, even if it isn't the preferred route. I suggest some of you get over your bitterness and use that anger to put the squeeze on these political hacks that sold us out.

I outlined the RNC structure in this thread:

The whole RNC is made up of basically 3 people from each state. So, gaining control at the state level is all that is necessary to get the people into power at the national level. I went to the CCRP meeting here in Las Vegas (just moved here) and they managed to sweep all the local executive board positions that were up for vote. All it takes is showing up and getting voting rights at your local GOP. If you can't spend 2-3 hours a month at a local GOP meeting, then I guess freedom just ain't worth your time, now is it? I'm directing that last comment at all those couch-sitters who think we will win freedom by sending $20 to a moneybomb every few months.

This is the perfect time to do it as well. If your party is dominated by establishment RINOs, they won't suspect you of being a Paulite, not right now. You have the perfect story for becoming a member now. "After seeing us lose the last election, I decided I needed to get active personally if we're ever going to get control." Technically, that statement isn't a lie, either. Chances are, they'll be glad to appoint you as a PC, etc., if you ask. Then just play it cool till you figure out who is who. Then you'll know who to align with. Start bringing friends as well. Half the battle is just showing up.

The GOP is a brand. It's just like Coke or Pepsi, Walmart or Target, etc. There are a lot of people who donate to the GOP, just because they are the GOP. They have no clue what the actual party platforms are, they're just pro-Israel or pro-Gun, or whatever, and think the GOP is the only party. They are blind donors and blind voters. Unfortunately, because stupidity exists at epidemic levels in this nation, we have to control the brand if we are to effect a change in this nation.