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Thanks for sharing this, Gmason. I was pleased to read that the author not only correctly identified "The Summer of Love" as 1967, but also tied it into the Monterrey Pop Festival. I've read so many misinformed articles claiming Woodstock/1969 was "The Summer of Love"!

I do plan on doing further research as to the link between these musicians and their military families. (On a few occasions when I took someone's word for it and passed along information, I ended up being discredited because the information turned out to be false.)

I've only read Part I thus far, so the following may be precipitous:
If there were only a few links between musicians/military I'd say, "So what?" That whole period of time was about being anti-establishment. Simply put, Young America was tired of their parents' hypocrisy, tired of their parents only caring about money, their standing at the country club, etc. (As another song of that era so succinctly stated, "...hate your next door neighbor, but don't forget to say grace..."). Anyway, I am intrigued. Should the musician/military family links prove true, I'd say something else was definitely afoot.

Again, thank you!

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