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You need to buy a dictionary.

Use some of that $100,000 that you have got left after some idiot has paid you $165,000. (For WHAT by the way? I have friends with a retarded daughter. She needs a job. Maybe she could do what you are doing?) Buy yourself a dictionary and look up the word "advocate", as in "advocate violence".

I am NOT advocating violence. I am PREDICTING IT.

When the Soviet Union fell the first thing the people did was raid grocery stores. There was food in the pipeline, in factories, on the farm. That food was left to rot where it was, unharvested, unprocessed or undelivered. People left there jobs because they knew they were not going to be paid in money that was worth anything. Instead they raided grocery stores and when that was gone, they raided armories (previously Soviets weren't allowed to have guns). Armed gangs took over the streets. There was nothing to eat and people began steeling food from others. THAT is the violence I am PREDICTING (not advocating).

As stupid as you are, I am amazed that you are married. But if you continue to work 65 hour weeks you won't be. You think you are providing for your kids by being an absentee parent? Well once again you prove yourself to be stupid.

Why in the world do you think I am looking to Washington DC to save me? As a successful real estate investor and businessman - do you think I am looking to Washington for a handout? Or to "steal money" (your words) from YOU? You will be begging from ME before I am begging from YOU.

Washington needs to pay off the $16 trillion debt to prevent the dollar from collapsing. (I can't do it alone.) So in addition to cutting spending on war and other things YOUR TAXES (and mine) HAVE TO GO UP. Its going to happen so get used to it.

As far as your cheap shots on my divorce - well WHEN (not if) it happens to you for working 65 hour weeks - remember them.

And by the way - if we have class warfare, which class do you think YOU will be in? At $165,000 you don't even come close to Romney's cut off for middle class of $250,000. You SURE aren't in the top 1% (the cut-off for that is $344,000 per year). So I hope you don't imagine yourself as "RICH", though with your high and mighty talk, it sounds to me like you do.

Sadly, a lot of people who have escaped lower middle class, fantasize and identify themselves as "RICH" and successful.

You aren't rich. You won't be running with, or enjoying the benefits of the big boys. You will be in the street, fighting along side the other members of the middle class.

Don't, in your wildest imagination, imagine yourself as part of the big boy club.