Comment: HOLY CRAP!!

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El Rushbo played a couple of quotes from Dr. Paul????????????? OMG there was an ice storm in HELL today!!! He needs to play all 39 min. of that speech..then he will know who was the man who was a TRUE lover of Liberty and the ONLY candidate who could take an oath of office to uphold the laws of our land and live up to it! I listened enough to Rush to know he aint nothing but a puppet..and Liberty and the Constitution are good for him WHEN it suits him..but if not let Liberty and the Constitution to damned. Rush also predicted a BIG WIN for the Wall St. puppet Rombama...opps..I guess you aint right 99.6% of the time and the GOP can SUCK IT! God Bless and Protect Dr. Paul and all of us who march along side of him!! Let the R3VOLUTION ROLL ON!!!

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