Comment: Imo - You are on the right track

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Imo - You are on the right track

The natural way to remedy this is the classic ....hard and heavy manual labor for at least 6 months. ie. repetitive heavy lifting, lots of walking, and at both extremes of temperatures. On the weekends engage in team sporting activities such as football, soccer, tennis, and some social drinking to take the edge off still if need be. Drinking alone will have negative and unhealthy effects.

This should dramatically clear things up for you imo. You will be too tired for any trumped up disorders in my view. :)

ie. go work in the fields, construction, cut grass, etc.

p.s. Plz stay away from the meds and best of all...hit the beaches, camping, and campfires :D !!

The city is horrible in many ways have to get out at least once every couple of weeks if you live in one