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Oh I know

But hopefully some of what she said during the primaries woke some people up. I'm not actually defending Maddow. I just disagree with Macke and a lot of the people supporting her on this thread and others.

You have a problem with Maddow then say why. Childish attacks like this weaken one's own position. I do my best to follow WWRPD, and I know Dr. Paul would attack her actions as a journalist and leave out anything personal.

I am not always successful at this and neither is Macke or anyone else. She apologized to Maddow and she may actually have meant it; you never know. I publicly called out (not attacked) a user here a couple of weeks ago and I was wrong for doing it in that manner and sincerely apologized.

Always better to take the high road.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.