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Comment: How About a Pair of Shoes?

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How About a Pair of Shoes?

Thanks for the interesting video. I enjoyed it.

I have often used a pair of shoes as an example.

How much would it cost you to make a pair of shoes?

First, you would have to raise a cow, make a knife to slaughter and skin it, buy a shovel to bury the scraps, buy land to deposit the waste, and then figure out how to cut the leather into the proper size and shape to assemble the sole, heel, and upper.

Oh, and maybe you would need to buy some medical supplies to save your life after fighting with a cow while you tried to kill it. And maybe you would need to develop a set of ear plugs to avoid listening to the screaming cow as you slaughter it.

Then you would have to sew together some cotton to create the material for the lining. You would then have to sew the various pieces of the shoe together. You would have had to make a sewing needle to avoid the difficulty of pushing the thread through the leather.

Of course, you might want to make some dye to color the shoes if you wanted to put some style into it.

Good luck in trying to properly fit the shoe.

Then you would have to build a vehicle to transport your creation to the dump.

Finally, you would need to earn enough money to buy the shoes in the store because the ones that you made would be useless.

Gene Louis
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