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Come On Folks

This is an article that we all should be glad was published in The Washington Times. Even if anti-Rand or anti-Republican, can't we be happy that Rand wrote such a tribute to his Dad.

Aren't we glad it was published and people will read it? I bet Ron Paul was touched by the tribute his son wrote to him. I felt from Rand tremendous respect and love for a man who obviously is not only his Dad but his mentor. So he is not perfect. Are any of us.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, let Rand be Rand and prove himself. Let's all hope Ron Paul begins speaking to college campuses and spreads the message. Let's hope a lot of people start spreading the message...all of it or even parts of it.

No there is no Ron Paul in Congress anymore. However just as a throw out there: Who wouldn't love for there to be enough in Congress to throw TSA out the window. Enough to rally behind anything that was/is the Ron Paul platform. Some are working on it. Would we rather every Senator and Congressman that we don't put our 100% stamp of liberty approval on leave Washington?

I , for one, approve Rand Paul's message via The Washington Post and I thank him for it.