Comment: I Would Feel Fine

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I Would Feel Fine

...about voting for an American citizen who happened to be a Muslim. Although I am a Christian, I would not vote solely based on "that" big tent any more than, if I was a Mormon, I would vote for Romney because he is a Mormon.

I would scrutinize the candidates and look into indicators of character, consistency, ethics and morals. (Note: Can't help it, I would put them to the RP test and see which most nearly approximates him and the things he has taught me to stand for.)

I believe in Christian ethics and have found them often in people who are not of the Christian faith. I have often seen them lacking in some people of the Christian "persuasion." If the Muslim was a "true" liberty candidate and the Christian was not...of course I would vote for the Liberty Man whose faith happened to be Islam.

Good question...(good answer ) I sure hope everyone here feels the same way.